Understanding PeopleSoft Workflow

Many of the daily tasks that you perform are part of larger tasks that involve several steps and several people working together. For example, when you enter an invoice, you are initiating an approval and payment process: someone else reviews and approves it, and a third person submits payment to the vendor. The term workflow refers to this larger process.

To a certain extent, all of the business processes that you define using PeopleSoft Application Designer involve workflow. However, we usually reserve the term to refer to processes that involve multiple users and the routing of data between the users.

This documentation describes the features of PeopleSoft Workflow Technology as they relate to business process design and workflow. These features include PeopleSoft Application Designer tools for designing workflow applications, adding workflow to your business processes, and tools for administering workflow within your organization. Other topics include notification features, Virtual Approver, and Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry handheld device response programs.