Understanding Employee Directory Assistant

The Employee Directory Assistant is part of the Employee Digital Assistant. PeopleSoft assistants, or skills, are computer programs that simulate a simple conversation between a digital devise and the user. The Employee Directory is a program designed to assist requestors with searching for employee contact information from the Company Directory using a conversational interface.

The Employee Directory Assistant supports retrieving Company Directory information, as shown in this table:

Company Directory Information

Examples of Use Cases

View profile

Who is <name>

Show <name>

View manager

Who does <name> report to

Who is <name’s> manager

View direct reports

Who reports to <name>

Get <name’s> direct reports

View phone number

What is <name’s> phone no

Show <name’s> phone

View work address

Where does <name> work

Where does <name> work

View job code or position

What is <name’s> job code

What is <name’s> position

View contact details

Show <name’s> contact details

How do I contact <name>

View email address

What is <name’s> email address

Get email address of <name>

PeopleSoft uses the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) platform for interacting with users to help them perform certain tasks and is available for both desktop and mobile users. For more information about ODA, see Using Oracle Digital Assistant.

These videos provide an overview of the Employee Directory Assistant feature:

Video: PeopleSoft Digital Assistant Technology and Extensibility

Video: PeopleSoft Employee Directory Assistant

Video: Image Highlights, PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 33: Company Directory Assistant

Video: Image Highlights, PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 35: Chatbot Updates–Twilio channel and WebSDK Update

PeopleSoft enables you to use the Employee Directory Assistant using the following mediums:

Although the conversation logic, support, and PeopleSoft authentication is the same between both the web-based and Twilio-based text channels, it is important to understand the differences between the two mediums.

Web-Based Channel

Twilio-Based Text Channel

Channel (medium of accessing the Employee Directory Assistant)

Access through the PeopleSoft web application.

Access through a text application client using a standard company registered number for the Employee Directory Assistant.

User Experience

Uses a browser.

Richer user experience, uses a card layout with ability to select push buttons for actions.

Quick replies through postback actions (easy replies).

Supports text only and, in some cases, hyperlinks (dependent on the text client).

Selecting an action is provisioned by numbering the actions or result sets and the user is expected to enter a number for the corresponding action or selection.


Provides branding of the client used to interact with the Employee Directory Assistant.

No branding—look and feel of the client comes with pre-delivered client.

The Employee Directory Assistant also uses these tools:

PeopleSoft PICASO

PeopleSoft Intelligent Chatbot ASsistant from Oracle (PeopleSoft PICASO) is a consolidated, single-point access chatbot where your employees can ask questions spanning multiple PeopleSoft applications like Absence, Benefits, Employee Directory, Expenses, North American Payroll, and more. For information on PeopleSoft PICASO, see Understanding PeopleSoft PICASO.


With Tools 8.59, the digital assistant services (such as Absence, Employee Directory, and so forth) are REST API enabled to manage the Oracle Digital Assistant instances. For information on REST API, see Understanding REST API Endpoints for PeopleSoft and Understanding REST API Endpoints for PeopleSoft Employee Directory (employeedirectory).