PeopleSoft Change Assistant Overview

Oracle's PeopleSoft Change Assistant is a standalone Java program that orchestrates the process of updating or upgrading your PeopleSoft system. Environment Management Framework is used for non-PUM enabled updates and for deploying files with Update Manager.

Change Assistant provides these main benefits:

  • Automates many of the steps in an upgrade or update process.

  • Provides a clear step-by-step definition of the process for applying maintenance or performing an upgrade. Whether the process is automated or manual, as long as you complete each step, you will successfully apply the application maintenance or perform the upgrade.

  • Provides in-line documentation for each of the steps in the process.

  • Is integrated with the PUM application and uses the change package definitions created in the PeopleSoft Update Image.

The Environment Management Framework performs these key tasks:

  • Crawls local drives and directory paths to discover and validate the components associated with a given PeopleSoft environment.

  • Deploys files to various components in the PeopleSoft environment.

Change Assistant supports the following actions:



Apply Updates

Any systems that are not Update Manager enabled will use the Apply Updates to apply updates downloaded from My Oracle Support.

Update Manager

Update Manager contains 4 sets of tasks:

  • Update Manager Tasks

    Update Manager is used for application patching and updates for PeopleSoft PUM-enabled applications(all 9.2 applications and Interaction Hub 9.1). This option allows you to select the updates from the PeopleSoft Update Image and create a custom change package that includes only the updates and any calculated requisites you want to apply to your application.

  • Application Upgrade Tasks

    Application Upgrade is used to perform an upgrade to 9.2 application release.

  • PeopleTools Tasks

    PeopleTools tasks include applying the database changes required with PeopleTools patches, PeopleTools upgrades and PeopleTools delta packages.

  • Other tasks

    Other tasks include exporting and importing Change Assistant settings.

View PUM Automated Merge Sessions

If Object Merge is enabled, this action can be used to display the merge session and review how the code was automatically merged based on the merge rules.

Create or Modify Templates

Change Assistant templates are composites of all the possible steps that apply to an update or upgrade. The templates are delivered as part of the change package or upgrade. Once you select a change package or upgrade, the template is loaded into the Change Assistant internal storage. You can edit the template or add additional chapters, tasks and steps, if needed.