Data Types and Values

In SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database data is modeled as typed items. A typed item (or simply item) is a value and an associated type that contains the value. A type is a definition of a set of values that are said to belong to (or be instances of) that type.

Values can be atomic or complex. An atomic value is a single, indivisible unit of data. A complex value is a value that contains or consists of other values and provides access to its nested values. Similarly, the types supported by SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database can be characterized as atomic types (containing atomic values only) or complex types (containing complex values only).

The data model supports the following kinds of atomic values and associated data types:

SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database also supports the following complex types:

Another difference between records and maps is that the keys in records are fixed and known in advance (they are part of the record type definition), whereas maps can contain arbitrary keys (the map keys are not part of the map type).