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Conventions Used in This Book

This document is intended to provide a rapid introduction to the SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database and related concepts. SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database is an easy to use SQL-like language that supports read-only queries and data definition (DDL) statements. This document focuses on the query part of the language. For a more detailed description of the language (both DDL and query statements) see the SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database Specification.

This book is aimed at developers who are looking to manipulate Oracle NoSQL Database data using a SQL-like query language. Knowledge of standard SQL is not required but it does allow you to easily learn SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database.

Conventions Used in This Book

The following typographical conventions are used within this manual:

Information that you are to type literally is presented in monospaced font.

Variable or non-literal text is presented in italics. For example: "Go to your KVHOME directory."

Case-insensitive keywords, like SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY, are presented in UPPERCASE.

Case sensitive keywords, like the function size(item) are presented in lowercase.


Finally, notes of special interest are represented using a note block such as this.