Upgrading Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3 to Oracle 3.4.3


If you are running Oracle VM Manager 3.2.9, go to "Upgrading Oracle VM Manager 3.2.9 to Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3"

To upgrade Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3 to Oracle VM Manager 3.4.3, complete the following procedures:


  1. Navigate to http://edelivery.oracle.com/oraclevm and perform the following steps:

    1. In the Select a Product Pack list, select Oracle VM.

    2. In the Platform list, select x86-64 bit.

    3. Click Go.

    4. Select Oracle VM 3.4.3, x86-64 bit, and click Continue.

    5. Download Oracle VM Manager 3.4.3 (Part Number V861601-01.iso).

  2. The required passwords:
    • OVM Manager database password.

    • OVM Manager application password.

    • WebLogic domain administrator password.

To upgrade Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3 to Oracle VM Manager 3.4.3:
  1. Navigate to My Oracle Support and download the OVM Manager 3.4.3 iso file. File: ovmm-3.4.3-installer-OracleLinux-b1511.iso, and search for Patch number 22902502.

  2. Mount the iso file to a non-root directory, by running the following commands:

    # mount –o loop ovmm-3.4.3-installer-OracleLinux-b1511.iso /mnt/test

    #cd /mnt/test

  3. Run the following command:

    [root@slck24006 test]# ./runInstaller.sh

  4. When prompted to select the installation type, type 2 to select Upgrade.

  5. Enter the required password, when prompted.

  6. When prompted to confirm the upgrade process, type 1 to select Continue.


You must remove the configuration file /tmp/ovm_configNnwPWI.