Installing Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3 on Exalytics X6-4 and X5-4 Machines

Oracle recommends that you install Oracle VM Manager on a separate machine than the Exalytics machine, preferably colocated geographically within Oracle VM Server. OVM Manager 3.3.3 is supported with X6-4 and X5-4 servers due to NVMe hardware incompatibility in OVM Manager 3.2.9.

To install Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3:

  1. Download the Oracle VM Manager from the following link:


    1. In the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud home page, select the checkbox


    2. Search by entering Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3 in the search box.

    3. Select Releases in the drop down.

    4. Click Continue. It will prompt to download


  2. Unzip the downloaded file. It should contain the installer ISO file.

  3. Mount the ISO file to a directory as the root user with the following command:

    #mkdir /OVMCD

    #mount –o loop ovmm-3.3.3-installer-OracleLinux-b1085.iso /OVMCD

  4. Run the Oracle VM Manager installer using the following commands:

    #cd /OVMCD

    #./ createOracle.sh


  5. Install Oracle VM Manager 3.3.3. For instructions, see "Installing Oracle VM Manager" in Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide for Release 3.2. The guide is located at: