Installing Oracle VM Server 3.4.3 on X6-4 and X5-4 Machines

To install Oracle VM Server 3.4.3:

  1. Navigate to http://edelivery.oracle.com/oraclevm and download the Part number V979025-01.zip.

  2. Download the package and unzip to a local directory.

    The downloaded zip file contains Exalytics_2.<DATE>.iso and a patch file p26734117_20002_Linux-x86-64.zip.

  3. On the Exalytics Machine, connect and log on to Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM).


    For the latest Exalytics certified ILOM versions, see the Oracle Exalytics Certification Matrix. The Oracle Exalytics Certification Matrix is located at:


  4. On the Summary Information screen, under Actions, click Launch to launch the Remote Console.

    The ILOM remote console is displayed.

  5. From the menu bar, select KVMS, then Storage. Click Add to link to the Oracle VM Server 3.4.3 image for X6-4 machine (Exalytics_2.<DATE>.iso) as a remote virtual CD-ROM in ILOM. Click Connect.

  6. In the left pane of the ILOM, expand Host Management, then select Host Control. In the Next Boot Device list, select CDROM, then click Save.

  7. Restart the machine by expanding in the left pane of the ILOM, Host Management, then select Power Control. In the Select Action list, select Power Cycle, then click Save.

    The Exalytics Machine restarts and displays the Oracle VM Server screen.

  8. Press Enter to install Oracle VM Server.

    The Oracle VM Server is installed on the Exalytics Machine. After Oracle VM Server is installed, the Exalytics Machine restarts automatically.