6.4 Existing Business Intelligence Installations: Registering a Primary Business Intelligence Software Installation on an Exalytics Domain

If you are an existing Exalytics customer and have manually installed the software prior to the availability of the Exalytics Domain Management Utility, you can register any existing software installations by using the Exalytics Domain Management Utility. After you register an existing installation you can use the utility to manage the installation. See Managing Exalytics Domains.

To register an existing software installation, you must have upgraded to Oracle Exalytics Release 2.


Before you can register an existing installation, ensure that you are running Oracle Business Intelligence

When you run the Exalytics Domain Management Utility to list the domains on the Exalytics Machine, the registered installation is displayed as "Primary node (Registered Exalytics Domain)".

To register existing software installations on an Exalytics domain:

  1. Log in to the Exalytics Machine as the user "oracle" or as the new user you created. See Creating a Password on the Operating System.

  2. To register an existing installation, enter the following command:

    /opt/exalytics/bin/exalytics-domain-management.sh --action=register_existing_domain --input=<location and name of the input file> --domain=<new_domain_name>

    For example, to register an existing installation as menlo2, enter the following command:

    /opt/exalytics/bin/exalytics-domain-management.sh --action=register_existing_domain --input=/home/oracle/Installers/input.properties --domain=menlo2

  3. When prompted by the utility, perform the following actions:

    1. Enter the location of the following existing directories:

      Middleware Home

      For example:


      Oracle BI Home

      For example:


      WebLogic Domain

      For example:


      Oracle BI Instance

      For example:


    2. Is TimesTen installed on the domain? Please enter [1-2].

      If you select 1 (Yes), enter the existing TimesTen instance name and the existing TimesTen installation directory location.

    3. Enter the user name and password for the Oracle WebLogic Server administrator.

    4. Choose whether you want to restart the domain.

      If you choose "Yes" to restart the domain, the utility stops and restarts all the processes on the new domain and registers the installation on the new domain.

  4. To verify that the existing installation is listed as a domain, enter the following command:

    /opt/exalytics/bin/exalytics-domain-management.sh --action=list_domains --input=/home/oracle/input.properties

    The report displays the existing installation as a registered exalytics domain on the Exalytics Machine. The output looks similar to the following:

                  Exalytics Domain: menlo2
    Node type: Primary node (Registered Exalytics Domain)
    Provisioning status: Completed
    Middleware Home: /u01/app/oracle/product/fmw
    BI Instance Home: /u01/app/oracle/product/fmw/instances/instance1
        | Application URLs |
    Oracle Enterprise Manager: http://<server-name>:7001/em
    Oracle WebLogic Admin Console: http://<server-name>:7001/console
    Oracle Business Intelligence: http://<server-name>:9704/analytics
    Oracle BI Publisher : http://<server-name>:9704/xmlpserver
        | WebLogic |
    Domain Home: /u01/app/oracle/product/fmw/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_ domain
    Admin Server Host: <server-name>
    Admin Server Port: 7001
    BI Managed Server Host: <server-name>
    BI Managed Server Port: 9704
        | TimesTen |
    TimesTen enabled: Yes
    Timesten Instance Name: tt1122
    Instance Directory: /u01/app/oracle/product/TimesTen/tt1122
    Timesten Daemon Port: 53396
    Timesten Server Port: 53397
    Found 1 domain(s) in total