This image shows the hierarchy of the application user views. The Other Users folder is expanded at the top. Beneath it are the ANONYMOUS, APEX_030200, APEX_PUBLIC_USER, APPQOSSYS, CTXSYS, DBSNMP, DIP, EXFSYS, FLOWS_FILES, MDDATA, MDSYS, MGMT_VIEW, and OC users. The OC user, which is the application user, is expanded, showing the Tables (Filtered) and the Views options. The Views option is expanded, showing the V_VDO_ACCESS_GROUP_INFO, V_VDO_ACCESS_GRP_INFO_ENTRIES, V_VDO_ACCESS_GRP_INFO_MODES, V_VDO_AGG_POW_USG, V_VDO_AGGREGATE_CRYPTO_UNITS, V_VDO_ALERT_MONITOR_STATE, V_VDO_APPLIANCE_NETWORK, V_VDO_ASSET_FILTER_RULE, and V_VDO_ASSET_FILTER_RULE_F_267 views.