Understanding Oracle Compute Cloud Service User Roles

User roles abstract low level permissions to make it easy for the Oracle Cloud Administrator to delegate management functions. Each user is assigned a role. An Oracle Cloud Administrator creates users and assigns them the role of tenant administrator or tenant user. A tenant administrator can only create users with tenant user role.

The user roles required to use the Oracle Compute Cloud Service are tenant administrator and tenant user. The following table summarizes the permissions of these user roles.

Tasks Tenant Administrator Tenant User
Create and manage tenant users Yes No

Create and manage orchestrations, instances, private networks, storage volumes, snapshots, SSH keys, and private templates

Yes Yes

About Tenant Users

A tenant user consumes the network, compute, and storage resources allocated to a tenant by creating cloud service instances and deploying applications. A tenant user name is represented as /tenant_name/user_name and the role as /tenant_name/users.

About Tenant Administrators

A tenant administrator has permissions and functions similar to a tenant user. A tenant administrator can also create and manage the tenant users in Oracle Compute Cloud Service. A tenant administrator user name is represented as /tenant_name/user_name and the role as /tenant_name/admin.