This guide also applies to on-premise implementations


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1 Introduction

2 HCM Data Loader Introduction

3 HCM Data Loader Preparation

4 HCM Data Loader Data Loading

5 HCM File-Based Loader Introduction

6 HCM File-Based Loader Preparation

7 HCM File-Based Loader Example Data Files

8 HCM File-Based Loader Data Loading

9 HCM File-Based Loader Post-Load Processes

10 Data Loading Using Spreadsheets

11 HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader

12 Payroll Data Loading

13 Payroll Batch Loader

14 Payroll Batch Loader Using Workbooks

15 Payroll Batch Loader File Loading

16 Payroll Batch Loader Workbooks

17 Time, Absence, and Pension Data for Payroll

18 HCM Extracts

19 Flow Patterns

20 Benefits Data Extract

21 Transferring Encrypted Data

22 Oracle Taleo Recruiting Integration

23 Web Services

24 Coexistence for HCM Introduction

25 Coexistence for HCM Security

26 Coexistence for HCM Setup

27 Coexistence for HCM Data Mapping

28 Coexistence for HCM Data Loading

29 Coexistence for HCM Post-Load Processes