How do I find apps and services?

Browsing, searching, and filtering options make it easy for you to quickly find apps or services that are listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Plus, you have several options for how to sort and display the list of apps or services.

To find an app or a service listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Go to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website.

  2. Select the appropriate tab.

    • If you’re looking for apps, click the APPLICATIONS tab.

    • If you’re looking for services such as training, consulting, or integration, click the SERVICES tab.

  3. Use the browse, search, and filter options to find the app or service you want.

    • To browse by type of Oracle Cloud product, point to the PRODUCTS option and make a selection. For example, you can select Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud from the APPLICATIONS (SaaS) products, Documents Cloud from the PLATFORM (PaaS) products, or Compute Cloud from the INFRASTRUCTURE (IaaS) products.

    • To browse the services by industry, point to the INDUSTRIES option and make a selection. For example, you can browse by Healthcare, Insurance, or Retail.

    • To find apps or services that match your search criteria, enter one or more keywords in the Search box and click Go. The most relevant results are at the top of the list.

      When you’re viewing the details page for an app or a service, you can click the links in the TAGS section on the OVERVIEW tab to find other apps or services that match the selected keyword or phrase. These search tags are available only if the Oracle partner included them when creating the marketplace listing.

    • To refine your search by selecting from a set of pre-defined filters, point to the FILTER BY option.

      The filters available depend on whether you’re looking for apps or services. For example, the default filters for apps are device type, pricing, release date, and language. For services, you can filter by geographic region and language.

      Also, apps can have a set of custom filters based on the product you select.


  • To reorder your search results, point to the SORT BY option and make a selection. You can reorder the list by name, rating, release date, or relevance. The sorting options are available only after you search by keyword or select a filter.

  • To change how the list of apps or services is displayed, click Tile View icon Tile View or List View icon List View to toggle your display between a three-column tile view and a one-column list view.

  • To view your list of favorites, sign in to the marketplace, open the user menu, and select either My Favorite Apps or My Favorite Services. These menu options are available only if you added apps or services to your favorites.

  • To clear all search, filter, and sort by selections, and return to the home page, click the Oracle Cloud Marketplace logo at the top of the page.