Before you begin with your subscription

Before you create your first Big Data Discovery Cloud Service instance, you should have an Oracle Cloud Services account, a subscription to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service (BDCS), to Oracle Storage Cloud Service, and to VPN.

Here is a description of each of these requirements:
  • Oracle Cloud Services. It gives you a non-metered subscription to Oracle Cloud Services (MyServices), which includes an account at See Buying a Nonmetered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service.
  • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service (BDCS). It provides the BDCS cluster with Hadoop in the cloud for your BDDCS instance. The instance of BDDCS is hosted on this Hadoop cluster and runs on one of the nodes. For example, if you use a starter pack of six nodes for the Big Data Cloud Service, when you provision Big Data Discovery Cloud Service, it is created for you by Oracle Cloud administrators on one of these nodes. The BDCS version should be higher than 4.3.1. When you provision BDDCS, Oracle Cloud checks for this requirement.
  • Oracle VPN Service. To log into BDDCS Studio, you must first establish a VPN connection to the BDCS cluster and the BDDCS instance hosted in it. If you already have a VPN connection to BDCS, you can reuse it. See Enabling VPN access to the service.
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service. This service stores backup files for BDDCS.

BDDCS requires that Big Data Cloud Service and Storage Cloud Service are provisioned in the same Identity Domain and under the same user account where BDDCS is provisioned.