Logging into the service console for the first time

After you receive a "Welcome" email about a BDDCS instance enabled for you, log into the Service Console URL to provision your instance.

To log into the BDDCS console for the first time:

  1. Click the URL in the "Welcome" email.
    The screen opens to let you log in.
  2. Enter the user name of the designated service administrator of BDDCS.
    The credentials for logging in are included in the previous email, when your request for a BDDCS instance was granted. Do not confuse this user with the account administrator for BDDCS. Even though these two users can be the same person, they also can be different.
  3. Enter your password for the service administrator of BDDCS.
    Locate this service administrator password for the Identity Domain in the already provisioned Oracle Cloud Storage Instance or Big Data Cloud Service instance. All of them share the same system administrator's user account and Identity Domain.
  4. Enter the name of the Identity Domain in which you have an active Oracle Cloud Storage Service and an active BDCS instance.
    This Identity Domain should not have any BDDCS instances already provisioned on it.
  5. Click Sign In. The BDDCS provisioning wizard opens.

Next, provision your BDDCS instance in three steps.