Understanding Key Components

Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service is composed of several components which provide functionality and other benefits.


About Oracle Database

The Oracle Database has been the standard for enterprise databases for more than two decades. With Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service, you get the full power of this legendary platform.

You can use the same SQL for data interaction that is used for hundreds of thousands of enterprise applications. You can use PL/SQL, the procedural extensions for the Oracle Database. All the optimizations and data structures which make the Oracle Database so robust are available in your Database Schema Service.

The Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension uses Database Schema Service for all data operations. This support enables you to deploy Java applications with the Java Cloud Service with the enterprise-strength of the Oracle Database.

Database Schema Service uses schema isolation to implement multi-tenancy, which allows full transparency while still providing efficient use of database resources. The Oracle Database is, at its core, a multiuser system for sharing data, so Database Schema Service simply uses the capabilities built up for the Oracle Database to share resources among multiple Database Schema Service customers.

About Oracle Exadata

Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service runs on Oracle Exadata hardware - the most advanced database platform in the world today. Oracle Exadata uses a variety of techniques and technology to dramatically improve the operation of the most time-consuming database operations.

You get all the benefits of Oracle Exadata with your Database Schema Service.

About Oracle Application Express

Oracle Application Express is a robust rapid application development system that is included with the Oracle Database. Oracle Application Express gives developers the ability to create applications in minutes.

Once development is complete, the applications are instantly available, allowing for a process of interactive development where developers work with users to quickly create and refine applications to achieve business goals.

The process of application creation with Oracle Application Express can take advantage of a wealth of wizards, which simplify and accelerate development. You can also extend Oracle Application Express applications to meet your specific business needs with PL/SQL, so the range of functionality you can implement is virtually unlimited.

These features mean that Oracle Application Express provides both extremely high levels of productivity for creating standard applications and the ability to create sophisticated mission critical applications.

Oracle Application Express includes a range of user productivity features, such as interactive reports, which let business users shape the analysis and presentation of their data without having to involve development or IT staff. End users can also created Websheets, which act like data-driven wikis, giving them full control of their business applications.

Oracle Application Express also includes capabilities for managing your data structures, and also functionality to help teams of developers manage their projects and communications.

Applications delivered through the Oracle Cloud can be accessed from a wide variety of client platforms, including Windows, Apple or mobile devices.

Oracle Application Express and your Oracle Application Express applications are built on technology that resides within an Oracle Database, so all your applications can be easily run on any Oracle platform - from Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service to your in-house data center to Oracle Database XE on your laptop.

About RESTful Web Services

RESTful Web services are services which adhere to an architecture which implements interactions with data sources with the use of URIs. RESTful Web services are one of the standard methods for accessing data in the Cloud.

Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service includes the ability to use RESTful Web services to access data in your Oracle Database. Database Schema Service includes a RESTful Web service wizard, which makes it easy for you to create services which implement any SQL statement or PL/SQL procedure to supply data to applications.

The RESTful Web service wizard lets you define a few attributes for a service and then use the full power of SQL and PL/SQL to perform database operations. By default, the wizard returns data in JSON format, although you can use PL/SQL to format data in any way. In addition, the wizard gives you the option of some more complex formats, such as the ability to return data from a result set with embedded links to a more detailed view of the data in the complete row, without any additional coding.

The support of RESTful Web services in Database Schema Service makes it easy to use the data in your Oracle Database in virtually any development tool, including dynamic languages.

About Packaged and Sample Applications

Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service includes a set of business productivity applications and sample code which can be installed with just a few clicks. Sample code is reference implementations of simple applications that can be installed and extended by a developer.

Packaged applications and sample code are full production versions designed to provide real functionality, such as project management, shared calendars and shared checklist management.

All of these applications share the same privilege levels of administrator, contributor and reader, which grant differential access to functionality and features. All of these applications and samples can be installed or removed through the same administrative interface.

About Tools and Utilities

Oracle Database Cloud - Database Schema Service includes a variety of tools and utilities which make it easy for you to use the environment. It includes browser-based tools for monitoring and modifying all your services from a central management page.

You can create users across all your services with a simplified interface to Oracle's Identity Management solution. You can even upgrade your service from this environment for more storage and data transfer with a few clicks.

Each individual service also has a browser-based management console to provide a more detailed look at resource utilization and to install or remove business applications with a few simple clicks. The Oracle Application Express environment contains a set of administration applications which let administrators shape and monitor the environment. You can assign administrative responsibility for one or more services to an individual, giving you complete delegation capabilities to match your organization.

Database Schema Service includes Application Express SQL Workshop to manage the underlying Oracle Database and its structures. SQL Workshop is a browser-based component of the Oracle Application Express environment which gives you the ability to browse and manage all of your Oracle objects, run SQL or PL/SQL code, run scripts and even build queries through a graphical interface.