What's New in This Guide

The following topics introduce the new and changed features of Oracle Coherence and other significant changes that are described in this guide, and provides pointers to additional information.

New and Changed Features for 12c (12.2.1)

Oracle Coherence 12c (12.2.1) includes the following new and changed features for this document.

  • Dynamic management mode, which automatically selects the senior-most cluster member as the JMX cluster member. See "Using Dynamic Management Mode."

  • Java VisualVM plug-in for Coherence, which allows a Coherence cluster to be monitored for real-time analysis and troubleshooting. A new version of the Coherence-JVisualVM plug-in is available and includes new functionality. The functionality includes: reporting node state, displaying near cache statistics, displaying partition statistics, displaying JCache statistics, displaying elastic data statistics, managing cache persistence, and managing federated caching. See "Monitor a Coherence Cluster Using the Coherence-JVisualVM Plug-in."

  • Federation reports, which provide management information when using federated caching. See Chapter 6.

  • Persistence reports, which provide management information when using cache persistence. See Chapter 6.

  • FederationManagerMBean MBean, TopologyMBean MBean, DestinationMBean MBean, and OriginMBean MBean, which expose management attributes and operations for federated caching. See Appendix A.

  • PersistenceCoordinatorMBean MBean, which exposes management attributes and operations for cache persistence. See "PersistenceCoordinatorMBean."

  • SimpleStrategyMBean MBean, which exposes management attributes and operations when using a simple partition assignment strategy. See "SimpleStrategyMBean."

Other Significant Changes in This Document for 12c (12.2.1)

For 12c (12.2.1), this guide has been updated in several ways. Following are the sections that have been added or changed.

  • Added a section for registering custom MBeans when using managed Coherence servers. See "Registering Custom MBeans in Managed Coherence Servers."

  • Revised the ServiceMBean MBean reference to include persistence attributes. See "ServiceMBean."

  • Revised the ReporterMBean MBean reference to include the ability to pass report file and report group XML as a string when using operations.

  • Revised the MBean Reference appendix to include all new and updated attributes and operations. See Appendix A.