REST APIs enable you to access and integrate data in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud with external applications.

Design Approach

The REST APIs for Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud are designed based on the following approach:

  • Flattened resources: All the commonly used child attributes are flattened onto the parent resource. This means you can create or update many common child resources in a single operation.
  • UI defaulting paradigm: As far as possible, Oracle has attempted to ensure that the defaulting of fields that happens through the UI is also applicable to REST service calls. Therefore, only those attributes that you have to enter through the UI are required by the REST service. All other values should default as they do through the UI.
  • LOV links provided for all LOVs: When creating a resource, you can follow the LOV link for the resource and retrieve valid values. When a parent resource has child resources, the child resource links are also returned when you query the parent resource.


Similar to SOAP services, REST services do not implement the HCM Transaction Model, and therefore approvals are not initiated when an action (create, update, delete) occurs on the resources.