Creating account fields

There are a number of standard account fields in Eloqua, such as account type, billing address, and business phone, but you can create and define custom fields that you require to track accounts.

To create a new account field:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..
  2. Click Fields & Views in the Database Setup area.
  3. Click Add An image of the Add button. under the Fields tab, then select Add Account Field.

    An image of the Fields and Views window. In a shortcut menu, Add Account Field is highlighted.

  4. Enter the name of the new account field in the Display name field.

    An image of the Fields and Views Configuration window.

  5. Fill in the remaining fields as required:
    • Data Type: Select the data type you want to use as the basis of comparison between this account's fields and other account fields.

      If you select Text box, the options are: Text, Large Text, Numeric (with decimal), and Date.

      If you select Picklist or Multi-Select Picklist, you can only choose Text as the Data Type. For a Check box Field type, you can select Text, Numeric, or Date as the Data type.

    • Field Type: Select the type of field that should be displayed for editing account data.
      The options include:
      • Check box: Allows recipient to select (click box to enable check mark) or deselect (click box to make check mark disappear) a check box.
      • Multi-Select Picklist: Allows recipient to select several options from a list.
      • Picklist: Allows recipient to select a single value from a drop-down list to populate the account field.

        Example: Which mobile business phone service the account uses.

      • Text box: Allows recipient to enter a text value in the account field.

        Example: A company's official name.

    • Output Format Type: If you selected Date or Numeric for the Data Type, then you must select an available format type to control how the value is displayed in the system. The available formats consist of some default types provided by Eloqua along with additional formats set up by your Customer Administrator.

      Example: Some date formats include: dd/MM/yyyy, yyyy-MM-dd HH:MM:ss.fff, and MM/dd/yy. While some numeric formats include: #.0, #,#, and 0.0.

    • Picklist values (appears only with Picklist and Multi-Select Picklist): Select a list of value from the drop-down list to appear as the options for your drop-down list, which allows either single or multiple selections. You can also select and edit a list of values or create a new list.
    • Value for checked and Value for unchecked (appears only with Check box): Allows you to enter the values that correspond to this field being checked or not checked on submission.
    • Default State: If you have selected the Check box for a Field type, specify whether the field is checked or unchecked by default.
    • Account Field is required: Select to make this account field a mandatory field.
  6. Click Save.

Your new account field and its values are saved.


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