Redirect links

A redirect link is an Oracle Eloqua generated URL that allows you to track links to untracked web pages or files. Your organization's website is set up with Oracle Eloqua tracking scripts so that you can track usage. Oracle Eloqua landing pages are also tracked by default. However, if for example, you link to a third-party website from an email, you can track clickthroughs using redirect links.

Marketers can create redirect links when they add a link to an email or landing page and choose the redirect link option:

An image of the Hyperlink Tools window.

Choosing the redirect option adds the elqTrack=true parameter to the URL. After saving the redirect link, Oracle Eloqua generates a unique URL for the redirect. When a contact follows the redirect link, the Oracle Eloqua generated URL link opens first. Then the contact is redirected to the destination URL.

Redirect links are also generated when you add files to the file storage component library.

You can view your organization's the redirect links by navigating to AssetsAn image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil. > Website Setup > Redirect Links.


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