Creating a security group

Security groups allow administrators to control what levels of access users have to assets, features, interfaces, and so on. There are several security groups offered with your Eloqua instance, but you can create your own security groups to suit your needs.

To create a security group:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..

  2. Click Users in the Users and Security area.

  3. Click Users, then click New Security Group. Alternatively, click New Security Group in the right panel.

    An image of the Users drop-down menu with New Security Group highlighted.

    The New Security Group Overview configuration window then opens in the right panel.

  4. Enter the basic information for the security group:

    An image of the New Security Group Overview configuration window.

    1. Type the name of the group into the Name field. Choose a name that accurately reflects the common association of members in that group, such as a department, region, or role of the users you intend to place in the group.
    2. Type an acronym for the security group into the Acronym field. Try to use an acronym that makes it easier to remember, search for, or identify the group.
  5. Click Save.

The security group is created, and the Security Group Overview menu for the group opens in the right panel.

An image of the Security Group Overview menu.