Adding individual contacts to segments

You can select individual contacts to a segment. This is ideal when you want to ensure that you include a specific contact in your segment.

To add an individual contact to a segment:

  1. Navigate to Audience An image of the Audience icon, which is represented by a white silhouette of a person., then click Segments.

  2. Open an existing segment, or create a new one.
  3. Click Add An image of the Add icon in the left pane, then click Individual Contacts An image of the Individual Contacts icon..

  4. Click Add An image of the Add button. in the right pane.

    An image of the Add button in the right panel.

  5. Search for the contacts you want to add.

  6. Click the contact name in the search results, then click Add Contacts.

    An image of a red arrow pointing to a contact. Add Contacts is highlighted by a red box.

    The contact is now listed in the contact editor.

  7. To give the criterion a descriptive name or brief description, in the left pane, double-click the name or description. This will help you easily identify the segment's criteria.

    An image of a contact being renamed.

  8. Click Save.

Click the An image of the Add button. icon in the left pane to add more contacts using filter criteria, an upload file, or by choosing individual contacts.


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