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Sounds & Notification Icons

Please do not use the content in this section. The SDK is being updated to better support sounds and notification icons, and these instructions will be updated to reflect the changes.


The Push IO Manager will play any sound included in the GCM payload, so long as the sound you're playing is in res/raw folder of your project.

More information about sending these sounds can be found in the Server API topic.

NOTE: Unlike iOS, payloads that contain sound for Android do not need the filetype (.wav or .caf, etc.) to be present in the payload. For example, a sound file "timeralarm.wav" will only need a payload of "sound":"timeralarm" to play on your Android device.


Notification Icons:

For Android, two default notification icons can be set (Android 3.0+):

[1.] The Small Icon is the icon displayed in the Status Bar:


[2.]The Large Icon is the icon displayed when you pull down the Notification Drawer:


These images are taken from the drawable files of your resources (res) folder.