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Payload Size Restrictions

Maximum payload sizes are platform-specific, and are measured in bytes/kBytes. Please note that if you include multi-byte characters in your payload (special characters, symbols, non-ASCII characters), they might count as multiple bytes, so we encourage you to verify the actual byte-size of your payload before you send it.

The payload consists of the message, payload structure (for example, JSON hash, including whitespace), and any other parameters you add. An example APNS payload:

    "aps_extra": {
        "alert" : {
            "body" : "Do you want to play with Mike?",
            "action-loc-key" : "PLAY"
        "badge" : 5,

NOTE: Push IO adds a tracking identifier to payloads in order to measure engagements, so your usable payload size decreases slightly. Please use the Push IO Safe Payload Size for the payloads that you submit to us to ensure deliverability.

Maximum and safe payload sizes by platform:

Platform Devices Maximum Payload Size PushIO Safe Payload Size
APNS iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 2 kilobytes 1.9 kilobytes
GCM Android Phones and Tablets 4 kilobytes 3.9 kilobytes
WNS Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1 5 kilobytes 4.9 kilobytes
ADM Kindle Fire 4 kilobytes 3.9 kilobytes