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Debugging & Logging

PushIOManager supports several debug levels which control how verbose the library is when logging to the console. Setting a debug level may significantly help troubleshooting your integration.

To set a debug level, simply add a line like the following into AppDelegate.m, directly under "//Initial Setup" in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:

#ifdef DEBUG
        [[PushIOManager sharedInstance] setLoggingEnabled:YES];
        [[PushIOManager sharedInstance] setLogLevel:PIOLogLevelInfo]; //PIOLogLevelWarn or PIOLogLevelError
        [[PushIOManager sharedInstance] setLoggingEnabled:NO];
    PushIOManager.sharedInstance().setLogLevel(; //PIOLogLevel.warn or PIOLogLevel.error

The available debug levels are:

PIOLogLevel.verbose is the highest level of debugging and will display the data logged by the PushIOManager in the Debugger/Organizer Console.

NOTE: Logging is enabled by default with log level as

For example, the data may look something like this:

    appv = "2.0";
    c = "Europe,China";
    cr = "n/f";
    d = 2;
    di = "ECFC65AE-0E54-4314-8A77-84CF02E3742C";
    dt = ed73effd3a986950bcc36ce261ffee754f3eb246a82c97b6cd0d0941d78f6be9;
    h = 1136;
    ins = 1388688062;
    l = "en_US";
    libv = "2.10.0";
    mf = Apple;
    mod = "iPod5,1";
    osv = "7.0.4";
    tz = "America/Denver";
    utc = "-25200";
    w = 640;