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Implementing Categories

If your application provides users a way to specify a preference or favorite, you may want to register devices for categories so you can push relevant content to your users.

You can use these methods to register your application for a category or categories. These categories can also be targeted with AND/OR/NOT logic to better segment your push notifications.

Registering Categories:




 PushIO.RegistrationManager.getInstance().RegisterCategories(new List<string>() {"Pizza","Tacos","Sandwiches}, false);

Unregistering Categories:

You can use these methods to unregister your application from a category, categories, or ALL categories:


PushIO.RegistrationManager.getInstance().UnregisterCategories(new List<string>() {"Tacos", "Sandwiches"});


You can also get a list of your registered categories as a string (for displaying listed categories or configuring your UI):


You can configure these categories based on how you feel they will best engage your users. For instance, these methods can be tied to buttons in your UI, or they could be set up to be called when the app first opens, based on user data (that is, give users a choice to enroll, or enroll them in categories automatically).