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Get Windows Credentials

If you already have your app's Client Secret and Package SID, proceed to Step-by-Step Setup Instructions.

Step 1: Create Your App in Windows Dev Center

[1.1] Go to Windows Dev Center and log in to your account.

[1.2] Click Create a new app.

"Windows Dev Center Create new app image"

[1.3] Enter the name of your App, and then click Check availability to verify that you will be able to reserve the app name you entered.

"Windows Dev Center Reserve app name image"

[1.4] If your app name is available, click Reserve app name to finish creating your app.

Step 2: Get the App's Client Secret and Package SID

[2.1] Navigate to the Microsoft account Developer Account page, and then select your App (created in Step 1) from the list.

"Windows Dev Center My Apps image"

[2.2] Scroll down to App Settings. Copy the Package SID, Client ID, and Client secret and paste them into a file. You will need this information later when setting up your App with Oracle Push Cloud Service.

"Windows Dev Center App Settings image"

What's Next?

Continue to Step-by-Step Setup Instructions.