How do I annotate a document?

Note: If the document is visible to people outside your company, you see a banner stating "Visible to outside users." at the top of the document preview and any associated annotation dialogs. Be careful not to post any sensitive information to Conversations that include outside users.

  1. Open the document you want to annotate.

  2. Tap Add annotation button, then tap the type of annotation you want to use:

    • Tap None to exit an annotation tool without selecting another.

    • Tap Pushpin button Pushpin, and tap the place you want the annotation to appear.

    • Tap Pen button Pen, and write or draw over an area of any size.

    • Tap Highlighter button Highlighter, and highlight one line.

    • Tap Rectangle button Rectangle, and draw a rectangle over an area of any size.

    • Tap Ellipse button Ellipse, and draw a circle around an area of any size.

  3. Add a comment to the annotation, then tap OK.

    Tip: When you type a hashtag (#) and at least one letter, you see suggestions of hashtags that other people have used. For more information on hashtags, see What are hashtags (#) and how do I use them?

  4. Tap Publish <number> Annotation (the <number> is the number of annotations that need to be published) so everyone can see them.

Note: If you don't see Add annotation button at the top of a document on a person's wall, the person does not allow other people to post annotations to his or her personal documents.

To show or hide annotations:

  1. Open the annotated document.
  2. Tap Filters button to display the annotation filters.
  3. Select the annotations you want to see:
    • All Annotations—Show all annotations

    • No Annotations—Show no annotations (hide annotations)

    • Unpublished Annotations—Show annotations that have not been published

    • <Name>—Show annotations from the specified person

Note: To view an annotation from a list view, click Annotation icon under the annotation message.