How do I follow or stop following someone?

To follow someone:

  1. Open the person's profile by tapping their name or picture wherever you see it.

  2. On the person's profile, tap Follow.

To view a list of recommendations, tap More, then tap Recommendations. Oracle Social Network generates the Recommendations list based on actions you have in common with others—documents you've both read, Conversations you're both members of, and other commonly taken actions. Each recommendation includes the person's name, the reason they were recommended, a Follow button, and an Ignore button.

Note: When you ignore a recommendation, the person might be recommended again in the future based on additional activity by you or the other person.

Note: You can't follow outside users (people outside your company), but you can add them to your contacts. Outside users' names appear in purple text, and they have icons (Outside user avatar) after their names. For more information, see How do I add Oracle Social Network contacts?

To stop following someone:

To stop following someone, open the person's profile and tap Unfollow.

Alternatively, in the People list, you can long press the person you want to stop following, then tap Stop Following.

To view the people you are following:

  1. On the sidebar menu, tap People icon People.
  2. Tap More, then tap Following.