How do I delete a folder?

You can delete folders you created (as long as they don't contain anyone else's documents or folders) or folders on your profile wall.


  • If you are a service administrator, you can delete any folder.

  • Deleting a folder also deletes all the files and subfolders it contains.

  • Deleting a folder deletes it for all members of the Conversation or wall.

To delete a folder, on the Conversation's or wall's Documents tab, click More, then select Delete. The folder, its contents, and the associated message are deleted.

Alternatively, delete the message that includes the folder by clicking More, then selecting Delete.

To restore a deleted folder and its contents, in the Messages list, locate the deleted message icon (Deleted Message icon) where the folder message used to be, click Deleted Message icon, then confirm that you want to restore the folder. The message, folder, and folder contents are restored.

Note: Only a service administrator, the person who created the folder, or the person who deleted the folder can restore the deleted folder.