How do I assign or clear flags?

To assign a flag:

  1. Next to the message you want to flag, click Flag button.

  2. Tap Flag button next to the person you want to flag, then select the type of flag to assign:

    • For your information flag button - For your information

    • Please reply flag button - Please reply

    • Please reply - urgent button - Please reply - urgent

To clear a flag:

  1. Navigate to the flag you want to clear:
    • On the sidebar menu, tap Flags icon Flags.

      By default, you see the flags assigned to you. To clear a flag you assigned to someone else, tap Filter, then tap Flags You Assigned.

    • Find the flagged message in the Overview, Conversation, or wall.

  2. Tap the flag you want to clear.
  3. Tap Clear flag button next to the flag you want to clear.