How do I set up or change my notifications?

Notifications let you know when certain events occur in Oracle Social Network, like when someone flags you, or when someone clears a flag that you have set. When you're using Oracle Social Network in your browser, notifications are sent via email. You can set up your notifications to send emails just for the events you're interested in.

  1. Click the arrow next to your name at the top of the application, then click Settings.
  2. Make sure Notifications is selected on the left.
  3. In the Email field, type the address where you want your notifications to be sent.
  4. Use the check boxes to indicate the events you want to be notified about. Set the time and date stamp format, if desired.

    Note: Regardless of the options you set, when a Please Reply - Urgent flag is assigned to you, you'll always receive an email notifying you of the assignment.