How do I upload or download documents?

To add a picture, video, or document from Oracle Social Network:

You can upload a picture, video, or document from Oracle Social Network by creating a new message in the Conversation or wall you want to add the item to. See How do I create, reply to, edit, or delete a message?

To upload a document from another application:

  1. Open the document in the application you want to upload from.
  2. On the application's sharing menu, tap Oracle Social Network.
  3. Optionally, rename the file and add a description.
  4. Tap Conversation Select Destination to choose the Conversation, Social Object, or wall to post the document to. The default location is your wall.


    • If the Conversation you select is visible to people outside your company, you see a banner stating "Visible to outside users." at the top of the dialog. Be careful not to post any sensitive information to Conversations that include outside users.

    • If you can't upload a document to someone's wall, you either aren't following the person or the person doesn't allow other people to post to his or her wall.

  5. Tap Upload.

Example 18-4 To download a document use one of the following methods:

  • While viewing a list of documents, tap Download button under the document you want to download.

  • While viewing a message with a document, tap Additional actions button under the message, then tap Download button Download.

  • While viewing the document, tap Actions menu button in the action bar to display the actions menu, then tap Download.

Tip: You can see the documents you've downloaded by tapping Slide-out navigation button in the action bar to open the slide-out navigation, then tapping Downloads button Downloads.