How do I add or remove members from a group?

To add members:

  1. On the sidebar menu, tap Groups icon Groups.

  2. Open the group.

  3. Tap More, then tap Members.

  4. In the bottom bar, tap Add icon.

  5. In the list of Contacts, select the people and groups you want to add.

    Alternatively, search for users or groups to add.

    Note: You can't add outside users (people outside your company) to a group. Outside users' names appear in purple text, and they have icons (Outside user avatar) after their names.

  6. Tap Add.

To remove members:

  1. Open the group.
  2. Tap More, then tap Members.
  3. In the bottom bar, tap Edit.
  4. Tap Delete button next to the member you want to remove, then tap Delete.
  5. Tap Done.