How do I create a new Social Object?

Some Social Objects have been configured to prevent new ones from being created through Oracle Social Network. The way to find out which ones can be created is to try to create them following these steps.

  1. Go to the Social Object's page, and click the New <Social_Object_Type> button on the left to open the new Social Object's wall.

  2. Fill in the required data for the Social Object, if any.

  3. Under Membership, move groups and people to the right column to add them or to the left column to remove them. Use Ctrl+Click to select more than one person or group.

    You can also search by entering part of a person's or group's name, and select them from the list that pops up.

    By default, you see a list of contacts. Click a tab to change your view:

    • Contacts icon Contacts—View a list of your contacts.

    • Groups icon Groups—View a list of your groups.

    Note: You can't add outside users (people outside your company) to a Social Object. Outside users' names appear in purple text, and they have icons (Outside user avatar) after their names.

  4. Click OK.