How do I get to Oracle Social Network?

You can access Oracle Social Network from the following applications and devices:

  • Your Oracle application—Oracle Social Network is integrated with your Oracle application.

    To view the all Social Objects, Conversations, and walls that are available to you, open the Social panel. While viewing the landing page, click the Social icon. Alternatively, in the Navigator, click Social.

    To view the social activity surrounding a particular Social Object, open the Social Object, then click the Social icon or link.

  • Full view in web browser—You can access the full view of Oracle Social Network from a URL (for example, you might be emailed a link to Oracle Social Network), by clicking the full view button in an Oracle Social Network client, or by opening a document in an Oracle Social Network client.

  • Add-In for Microsoft Outlook—You can use the add-in that displays Oracle Social Network in a panel on the right side of Outlook. For more information, see Using Oracle Social Network with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Android or iOS apps—You can use the mobile apps to access Oracle Social Network on the go. For more information, see Using Oracle Social Network on Your Android Device, Using Oracle Social Network on Your iPhone, or Using Oracle Social Network on Your iPad.

  • Desktop client—You can use the standalone application that runs on your desktop. For more information, see Working from Your Desktop.

You can download the Add-In for Outlook, mobile apps, or Desktop client from Oracle Social Network's full view by clicking the arrow next to your name at the top of the application, then clicking Downloads. Follow the directions from there.

Note: Depending on the Oracle application you use, you might not have access to all of these options.