How do I collaborate with the people I'm working with?

First someone in the company you're working with invites you to participate in a Conversation in their social network. The Conversation includes messages centered around the business situation you're collaborating on.

In the Conversation, you also see the members participating in the Conversation. Each member has an picture to show you what they look like or how they want to represent themselves. A colored border appears around the picture to indicate people's presence—that is, whether they are online (a dark green whole circle), online but inactive (a yellow three-quarter circle), or offline (a gray half-circle).

Note: You and other people outside the company you're working with (outside users) have a special avatar (Outside user avatar) and have names in purple text.

You can click a user name or picture to navigate to that person's profile, where you can see information such as the person's title, organization, email, and possibly other contact information.