How do I start a Conversation?

Note: For information on starting a one-on-one Conversation, see How do I start a one-on-one Conversation with someone?

  1. Open the Create New Conversation dialog:
    • To create a Conversation that is not associated with another item (such as a business object), on the Overview or Conversations page, click New Conversation.

    • To create a Conversation that is associated with another item (such as a business object or group), open the item, click More Conversation Options icon, then select Create New Conversation.

      A link to this related Conversation appears on the Related tab of the item.

  2. Enter a name for the Conversation.
  3. Set its visibility, either Only visible to members (members-only Conversation) or Visible to everyone (public Conversation).
  4. Select groups and people, and move them to the Members list to add them to the Conversation. Use Ctrl+Click to select more than one person or group.

    You can also search by entering part of a person's or group's name, and select them from the list that pops up.

    By default, you see a list of contacts. Click a tab to change your view:

    • Contacts icon Contacts—View a list of your contacts.

    • Groups icon Groups—View a list of your groups.


    • If this Conversation is related to a Social Object or collection, the membership is inherited from that Social Object or collection. To remove members, select them from the Members list, and click the left arrow.

    • Everyone in your company's LDAP directory appears in the Create New Conversation dialog. If you add someone who has never logged in to Oracle Social Network before, he or she will receive an email inviting them to join.

    • You can add people to a public Conversation, and/or people can add themselves. Other people see your public Conversations when they apply the Available filter on their Conversations display. They can then click the Join button to add themselves.

    • People outside your company have a special avatar (Outside user avatar) and their names are in purple text. If you add an outside user to a Conversation, a banner stating "Visible to outside users." appears at the top of the Conversation and any associated message dialogs. Be careful not to post any sensitive information to Conversations that include outside users.