How do I search Oracle Social Network?

To search all of Oracle Social Network:

  1. Tap Slide-out navigation button in the action bar to open the slide-out navigation, then tap Search icon Search.
  2. Enter your search term, then tap Search button.
  3. Optionally, select an item type from the Search menu to show a particular result type (for example, Conversations or documents).
  4. Optionally, tap Sort Order button to select how to sort your results. There are different sort options depending on what type of results you've selected.
  5. After filtering by a result type, there are additional filter options. To view filter options, tap Filter icon.
    • Posted By: Limit your search to messages or documents posted by a particular person.

    • Posted When: Limit your search to messages or documents posted within a particular period.

    • Document Type: If you filter your results to show documents, you can select which types of documents to show.

    • Created By: Limit your search to Conversations, collections, groups, or Social Objects created by a particular user.

    • Creation Time: Limit your search to Conversations, collections, groups, or Social Objects created within a particular period.

    • Favorites Only: Limit your search to only your favorite Conversations, collections, or Social Objects.

    • Include Deactivated: Control whether to show deactivated groups in your results.

    • With Member: Limit your search to groups with a particular member.

  6. Tap a result to open the item.
    • Tap a Conversation to open the Conversation.

    • Tap a person's name to open the person's wall.

      Note: Outside users (people outside your company) don't have walls. If you tap an outside user, the outside user's profile opens. Outside users' names appear in purple text, and they have icons (Outside user avatar) after their names.

    • Tap a group's name to open the group's wall.

    • Tap a hashtag to open a page with all messages that include that hashtag.

You can mark an object in the list of search results as a favorite by tapping Add favorite message button next to the result. For more information, see How do I view my favorites?

Example 18-6 To search in a Conversation:

Use the controls at the bottom of the screen to search and navigate through the results in a Conversation. By default, you see the unread messages controls, but you can switch to the other options to find flags assigned to you or text in messages and documents.

  • Tap Find unread messages icon to navigate through the unread messages in the Conversation.

  • Tap Find flags icon to navigate through any flags assigned to you in the Conversation.

  • Tap Search in Conversation icon to search for text in the messages or documents. After tapping Search in Conversation icon, enter your search term, then tap Search in Conversation icon.

    Your search term is highlighted in the Conversation.

    To clear your search, tap Clear search icon.

The number of unread messages, flags, or messages that include your text is shown next to the navigation arrows. To step through the items, use the up and down arrows.