How can I alert people to an important message?

You can assign a flag on the message.

Every message posted to a Conversation or wall shows a flag icon that tells you instantly whether a flag is assigned on the message. For example:

  • If the flag icon is hollow (Flag button), then no flag is assigned on the message.

  • If the flag icon is not hollow (For your information flag button)—that is, it's a solid color, possibly with secondary marker on it—then one or more flags are assigned on the message.

There are several types of flags:

  • For your information flag button For Your Information (flag with "i")—Look at this when you have time.

  • Please reply flag button Please Reply (flag with black arrow)—Look at this, and let me know what you think.

  • Please reply - urgent button Please Reply - Urgent (flag with red arrow)—Look at this now, and let me know what you think immediately. (An email notification is always sent for Please Reply - Urgent flags.)

To get more information about a flag, you can either mouse over the flag to see a tooltip (for example, "For Your Information flag for another from Name.") or click the flag icon to see all the flag assignments.

To manage flags on an individual message:

  1. Click the flag icon next to the message.
  2. Assign or clear flags:
    • To remove a flag assigned to you, click Clear flag icon.

    • To quickly assign a For Your Information flag to someone, click the flag next to the person.

    • To assign a particular flag to someone, select the type of flag in the drop-down list next to the person.

    • To quickly flag everyone, click Flag All (in the Not Flagged section), and select the type of flag you want to assign.

    • To quickly remove all flags (whether assigned by you or not), click Clear All (in the Others Flagged section).

    • To remove a particular flag, click Clear flag button next to the person.

    • To search for someone, enter part of the person's name in the search box.