How do I add documents?

To add a picture, video, voice message, or document from Oracle Social Network:

  1. Open the Conversation or wall you want to add to.

  2. Tap Compose icon to create a new message, or tap More, then tap Documents to add items from the Documents panel.

  3. Tap Camera button (at the top of the message or at the bottom of the Documents panel), then select one of the following options:

    • To add a new photo or video, tap Take Photo or Video, take the photo or video, then tap Use Photo.

    • To add an existing photo or video, tap Choose Photo or Video, select one or more photos or videos, then tap Done.

    • To add a voice message, tap Record Voice Message. Tap Start Recording. If necessary, allow Oracle Social Network to access your microphone. Record your message. Tap Stop Recording. Tap Use.

    • To add a document, tap Add Documents, select the cloud document store (for example, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive), then select a document.

      Note: To enable another document storage provider, tap More, then select the provider.

    If you want to crop or rotate your photo, tap the photo thumbnail, then tap Edit.

    Edit mode opens.

    • Use the pinch gesture to make your photo bigger or smaller.

    • Tap Crop button to crop your photo vertically. Tap again to crop your photo horizontally.

    • Tap Rotate button, to rotate your photo 90 degrees. Tap again to continue the rotation.

    When you are done editing, tap Save.

  4. Optionally, add a message to be posted with the document.

  5. Tap Post.

To upload a document from another application:

  1. Open the document in the application you want to upload from.
  2. Tap the action button, then tap Open In.
  3. Tap Open in Social to open the document in Oracle Social Network.

    Note: iOS lists up to 10 applications in the Open In menu. If you have more than 10 applications that support a file type, Oracle Social Network might not appear in the menu. Unfortunately, there is no way to manage which applications appear in the menu. If you uninstall other applications, Oracle Social Network eventually appears.

  4. In the Open In dialog, you can change the file name and add a description.
  5. Choose a destination for your document:
    • To post the document to your wall, tap Upload to your Wall.

    • To post the document to another location, tap Choose Destination. Select a destination, (optionally) select a folder, then tap Upload.


      • If you select a location that is visible to people outside your company, you see a banner stating "This Conversation is visible to outside users." at the top of the Open In dialog. When you tap Upload, you are warned that the document will be visible to outside users. Tap Yes if you want to post the document.

      • If you can't upload a document to someone's wall, you either aren't following the person or the person doesn't allow other people to post to his or her wall.

  6. Tap Upload.