17Setting Up Oracle Social Network

This chapter contains the following:

About Setting Up Oracle Social Network

You must enable the Oracle Social Network for Oracle Sales Cloud objects, including opportunities and accounts, and specify which attributes you want to enable for display on the wall. Oracle Social Network is a secure, private social network that integrates with Oracle Sales Cloud and connects you with all your colleagues. You can use Oracle Social Network to discuss projects, plans, and issues, and benefit from the collective experience of your colleagues to make informed business decisions.

You can enable the following Oracle Sales Cloud objects for Oracle Social Network:

  • Account

  • Contact

  • Household

  • Competitor

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Partner Account

When you enable an object, such as account, the Edit Account UI displays the Social tab, making it possible for salespersons to share an individual account record on Oracle Social Network and to invite others in the company to join the conversation.

When a record is shared, the application automatically generates a wall and displays the object attributes that you select during the setup.

Object Conversation

Oracle Sales Cloud users with access to the account can join the conversation in the Social tab of the record and invite others.

All users who are part of the conversation, including those without access to the account record or to Oracle Sales Cloud, can access what's posted on the wall either through the Social work area in the simplified UI or through the Oracle Social Network UI.

Social Wall

You can require salespersons to share records manually by clicking Share in the Social tab first.

Share Button

Or, you can set up the application to create a wall for each record automatically. Oracle recommends that you set objects to be shared manually.

Setup Overview

The setup steps are:

  1. Using the Manage Oracle Social Network Objects task from the Setup and Maintenance work area, enable the object for sharing on Oracle Social Network.

  2. Specify which object attributes you want displayed on the wall.

    The attributes are visible to everyone who is part of the conversation, regardless of their permission to access the record itself.

Enabling an Object for Sharing on Oracle Social Network

Use this procedure to enable objects for sharing on Oracle Social Network.

Enabling the Object

  1. Sign in as a setup user or sales administrator.

  2. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, search for the Manage Oracle Social Network Objects task.

  3. Click Go to Task.

    The Manage Oracle Social Network Objects page appears.

  4. Scroll down to one of the appropriate grouping for your object and expand the grouping.

    The following table lists the sharable objects and the groupings where they're located.

    Object Grouping


    Training Community Model


    Training Community Model


    Training Community Model




    Lead Management


    Opportunity Management

    Partner Account

    Partner Management

  5. Select the object and click Enable Object.

    Click the Enable Object button

    The Enable Object window appears.

  6. Select either the Manual or the Automatic option and click OK.

  7. On the Manage Oracle Social Network page, click Save.

You must now enable attributes for the object.

Enabling Object Attributes

  1. Under Attributes, click New.

    A list of attributes for the object appears.

  2. Select the Enabled option for the attributes that you want to appear on the wall for the object.

  3. Click OK.

    A green check mark now appears in the object's Status column.

    Green check mark next to Opportunity
  4. Click Save.

    When the sharing process is complete, a confirmation message is displayed.

  5. Click OK.

Validating Your Changes

To verify that you have enabled an object for sharing on Oracle Social Network, navigate to any record to see whether the record displays the Social tab at the bottom of the page.