The out-of-the-box integration between Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) and Taleo Recruiting seamlessly integrates the two best of breed solutions in the industry. The integration enables the exchange of work structure, candidate and worker data between Fusion HCM and Taleo Recruiting.

The integration solution presents both Fusion and Taleo customers the unique opportunity to leverage the Fusion HCM system of record with the Taleo Recruiting application. The integration solution provides a typical recruiting integration model that allows customers to create and manage job requisitions in Taleo using foundation data such as Organizations, Locations and Job Fields (OLF), Departments, Legal Employers and Business Units defined within the Fusion system. Candidates selected and hired in Taleo are then imported into Fusion. Subsequent tasks like creating workers are then completed in Fusion.

The Fusion HCM - Taleo Recruiting Integration solution is targeted to existing Fusion HR customers who are performing a new Taleo Recruiting implementation and who will only use Taleo for all their recruiting related activities.

In the event that a built-in Fusion HCM - Taleo Recruiting integration solution does not meet the customer’s needs (for example, the New Hire Export from Taleo), it is possible to implement a tailored integration with a COR (Change Order), an ODA (Ordering Document or Exhibit Amendment), or a SOW (Statement Of Work) and at additional costs to customer.

Fusion and Taleo Release Pairings

The OOTB integration solution is certified for the following release pairings:

  • Fusion R8 with Taleo 14A, 14B

  • Fusion R9 with Taleo 14A, 14B

  • Fusion R10 with Taleo 14A, 14B, 15A MP8

  • Fusion R11 with Taleo 15A, 15B

  • Fusion R12 with Taleo 15A, 15B