Verifying That Your Trial Subscription Is Running

As the account administrator, you use the My Account application to view the current status of an Oracle Cloud service and monitor the progress of an activation request. When you activate a trial subscription, we process the information and create the required instances for your Oracle Cloud service. This process may take some time. You can view the service information in My Account, but its status may show that the activation for the service is still initializing or is in progress.

When the activation of your trial subscription to an Oracle Cloud service is complete, you’ll get a postactivation email from Oracle Cloud.

The email contains the following information required to access the My Services application:

  • Sign-in Credentials: Your user name, temporary password, identity domain, and the data center where the service is located.

  • My Services URL

As a service administrator or an identity domain administrator, you use My Services to verify that your Oracle Cloud service is up and running. You can also use My Services to monitor utilization, view service details, and access any control panels and associated tools for the Oracle Cloud service.

To verify that an Oracle Cloud service is up and running:
  1. Open your web browser and go to the Oracle Cloud website:
  2. Click Sign In. The Sign In page displays several options, including signing in to My Services.
  3. Be sure to specify the correct data center in the Select Data Center field. The postactivation email includes the name of the data center where your service is located.
  4. Click Sign In to My Services.
  5. Enter your service administrator user name and password, and the identity domain that contains the services you want to administer.

    If you are signing in to My Services for the first time after the first service for this identity domain is activated and you haven’t selected your own password, then use the temporary administrator password you got in the postactivation email.

  6. Click Sign In. Note that:
    • When you sign in to My Services for the first time, you must provide a new password and register three password challenge questions.

    • If you get an error message when you try to sign in, you may not be using the correct user name, password, or identity domain. If you think that you chose the wrong data center, then go back to the Sign In page and confirm that the data center is correct before you try to sign in to My Services again.

    When you sign in successfully, the My Services Dashboard page displays a list of activated services that you are designated to manage for the selected identity domain.

  7. Scan the Dashboard page to check the current status of a service. You can:
    • Position the cursor on the cloud icon to view status information.

    • Look at the calendar for status and uptime information.

    • Click the service name to open the details page and view additional status information.