Engage Your Customers Visually with Annotations

Improve the effectiveness of your customer support with the real-time annotation capabilities of Oracle Live Experience. For example, have your customers share their screen or camera and annotate exactly where they need to tap or precisely where to plug in their internet cable.

The annotation tool is automatically enabled and available to associates and customers whenever they are on a video call together or are sharing a screen. When doing screen sharing, both the customer and the associate can use the annotation tool. And when on a video call, only the associate can use the annotation tool.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Customers see the annotations on their screen, as you guide them through the engagement. When the call is ended, the annotations disappear from the customer's screen.

  • There are multiple colors for customers and associates to choose from, and they can use the eraser tool to erase an annotation they've made.

  • On a mobile device, associates and customers draw using their finger. On a computer, they draw using their cursor.

  • When a customer's call originates from a website, annotations can appear only on the browser page containing the Live Experience widget. If the customer navigates to another browser tab and either party attempts to annotate, the annotations won't appear.

  • Annotations are saved as part of recorded engagements.

To make annotating on a video easier, associates can temporarily freeze the video stream so that they can annotate a still image.

Your customers activate annotation by clicking or tapping the pencil icon on the widget. Your associates activate annotation by clicking the pencil icon in the top-left corner of the call window, and they can freeze a video stream by clicking the camera icon next to the pencil icon. The following graphic shows the customer experience on the left and the associate experience on the right.

See The Associate Desktop Annotation Interface if you need more info.

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