Live Experience Customer Data Collection and Management

Oracle Live Experience provides a comprehensive set of tools that you can use to manage customer data collection, including auditing, engagement deletion and engagement data extraction.

Notifying Customers of a Data Breach

In the event you suffer a breach of customer data, you can use Live Experience's audit REST operation to return comprehensive details on all Live Experience events on a particular date or date range, and relay that specific information to customers.

For complete details on the Live Experience REST API, see Oracle Live Experience REST API Reference.

Provide Engagement to Customers on Request

Your customers may wish to request data for any engagements in which they've been involved. You can use Live Experience's engagement REST operation to retrieve a complete record of a customer's engagement data, including URIs for recordings, on a particular date or date range.

For complete details on the Live Experience REST API, see Oracle Live Experience REST API Reference.

Delete Engagements on Customer Request

Customers may also want to have any data pertaining to them purged from Live Experience. Live Experience provides a delete REST operation you can use to delete either individual or multiple (bulk) engagements. In addition, you can use the Live Experience audit REST operation to retrieve a record of the engagement deletions so you can proved that the request has taken place.

For complete details on the Live Experience REST API, see Oracle Live Experience REST API Reference.

Gathering and Storing Customer Data

Live Experience doesn't store or hold any personal customer data and any data it does collect is not correlated with any particular customer. It's up to you, therefore, to determine what data you gather from your customers when you're defining the context variables you want to use in each engagement.

You're responsible for determining the amount of data required to define your engagement scenarios, and handle engagement routing, as well as determining what data should be relayed to your associates.

Again, you have complete control over the data you choose to gather using Live Experience, how it is presented to associates, and how and if it is stored.

Customizing the Live Experience Interfaces

Live Experience lets you customize all customer facing messages to meet your privacy requirements and laws of your region. You can change error message strings, resource request messages, notifications, tool tips, and much more. For information on customizing Live Experience messages see Customize and Localize the Messages and Text in Live Experience.

Controlling Audit Log Retention

Live Experience lets you control the amount of time your system audit logs are retained. By default, audit logs older than 90 days are automatically purged. If you'd like to change the purge time threshold, contact your Live Experience Oracle support representative.

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