Create Text Records of Your Engagements

Listening and watching to audio and video recordings is a great way to review the many nuances of an engagement between your associates and your customers. Another way of reviewing engagements is to enable transcription of engagements. When you enable and configure transcription in Oracle Live Experience, you can easily create text transcriptions for any engagement on demand.

You can also define keywords for your Live Experience application.

Once you create a transcript for an engagement, the keywords you've created are shown below any engagements that contain those keywords in the engagement history.

In the engagement details, you can then select any of the keywords and highlight them in the transcript.

Enable and Configure Engagement Transcription

Enabling transcriptions for your customer engagements is easy, but you'll need to obtain an account with our partner, VoiceBase. Once you have an account, visit, and fill out the information to request an API key, and follow the instructions in the introduction email.


VoiceBase is a third-party service and is not free. See the VoiceBase web site for information on pricing plans suitable for your requirements:

Once you've got your VoiceBase API key, you can enable transcriptions:

  1. Open the Live Experience Admin Console. Go to either:


      or, for EMEA customers


  2. From the navigation menu, select Application, then select your application from the drop-down menu, and then select the Recording tab.

  3. In the Transcription area, toggle the switch to On, read the terms and click Accept.

  4. Paste your VoiceBase API key into the API Key text box, and set your desired priority from the Priority drop down list.

    If you set a lower transcription priority, it'll take longer for Live Experience to generate transcriptions.

Once you've enabled transcriptions, you'll be able to request them for new engagements.

Create Keywords

Before you can search on your transcription data, you'll need to create keywords. You'll then tag individual engagements with those keywords which you can then search on in the Live Experience engagement search interface. Any tags that occur in an engagement's transcriptions will be highlighted when you click on the associated keyword:

To create keywords and assign them to engagements:

  1. On the Recordings tab for your application, scroll down to the Keywords area.

  2. Click Add and enter the keyword.

    Keywords must be single words, and are limited to lowercase alphanumeric characters.

Create a Transcription for an Engagement

Once you've created keywords and assigned them to engagements, you can generate transcriptions for those engagements.

If you've got engagements created before you enabled transcriptions, you won't be able to add transcriptions to those, but even if you discontinue your VoiceBase service your existing transcriptions are retained.

To create transcriptions for untranscribed engagements:

  1. Open the Live Experience Admin Console. Go to either:


      or, for EMEA customers


  2. Select Engagements from the Admin Console navigation menu:

  3. Search for and select the check box for an engagement that has no transcription and then click Request Transcript.

  4. You'll see that the status in the Transcription column is set to Pending but will change to Available once the transcription process is finished.


    Depending on your setting for transcription priority (as described in Enable and Configure Engagement Transcription) the transcription process may take more or less time.

  5. If the transcription contains any of the keywords you've defined, you'll see them listed under the engagement record.

    Also, if the transcription contains any keywords you've defined, you can search for the engagement by keyword. See Searching for Engagement Details and Recordings.

Download Engagement Transcripts for Further Analysis

You can download transcriptions for any engagements that have them, and you can then use the transcription file as a basis for further analysis.

To download a transcription, start by finding the engagement whose transcript you want to download. Open the engagement, expand the Transcript section, and select the download icon.

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