Live Experience Integrated Mobile Channels

Modern customers prefer mobile apps to contact and engage with a business. When customers contact a business, they expect rapid resolution for their issue with as little friction as possible.Let's think about the inherent problems associated with today's interactions, using the following example:

Understanding an Interaction Through a Customer's Eyes

Alice has purchased and installed two stacking ovens from Acme Appliance. Unfortunately, after installation, there's an "unsightly gap" between the two ovens that isn't apparent in the Acme promotional brochures. Using Acme's support app installed on her mobile phone, Alice looks up the installation FAQs and finally decides to call the support number listed in the app. When she taps the phone number, she's routed away from the app and is connected to an Acme customer service associate. After providing the order number, make/model, and further details to the customer service associate, Alice can't convincingly describe the "unsightly gap" issue to the associate, and her problem remains unsolved after spending a lot of time on the call.It goes without saying that Alice leaves both a scathing Yelp review as well as a rather colorful follow up survey.

In-App Digital Engagements

As a remedy to Alice's scenario, in-app digital engagements are perfect for providing the right support to an end user at the right time. A user doesn't have to navigate away from the app to reach support, an action which leaves an associate with no context for the call. Depending on a user's location in the app as well as other context data provided by the app itself, you'll ensure a frictionless engagement without ever leaving the app itself.

The Live Experience Solution

In Alice's case, if Acme Appliance Corporation integrates their mobile application with Oracle's Live Experience, they can engage Alice directly from the Acme mobile application. All the context information needed to help Alice, including the make/model of the over, the order number etc., is passed to an associate. Equipped with all of the required contextual information and with additional digital channels available, the associate can then escalate the call from voice-only to one-way video shared from Alice's device.

Since Alice is on a mobile phone, she can point the phone's camera at her ovens and show her problem to the associate. She can also share her screen to show the images from the installation instructions and use the screen-sharing spotlight feature to highlight the gap so that the associate sees exactly what she sees.

Instead of an impasse, Live Experience lets the associate experience Alice's problem virtually first hand.

The associate suggests an appropriate compromise: a trim piece installed at Acme's expense that neatly solves the problem with a minimum of cost and effort. Alice now gladly posts a glowing Yelp review that tells prospective customers how Acme really stepped up to help her out after the sale. Alice is now not just a happy Acme customer, she's an advocate for Acme's customer service!

Live Experience Widgets

The pre-built and customizable Oracle Live Experience widget can be integrated directly into existing mobile and web apps. A business can engage their users with any predefined digital channel combination spanning audio, video and screen share, along with many other interactive capabilities.

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