Configure and Use Meetings to Engage Your Customers

Discover Oracle Live Experience's meeting functionality. A Live Experience meeting is like a web conference. Configure the Live Experience meeting engagement scenario to provide your associates and your customers the online meeting experience that meets your business requirements.

Usually, it's your customers who initiate engagements (by tapping the Live Experience widget). A Live Experience meeting is a way for your associates to initiate an engagement with one or more invited participants. Associates can choose to create a meeting immediately, or schedule a meeting for a future date. Live Experience generates a unique meeting URL that both the associates and customers use to join the same meeting instance in a web browser.

You get to configure the meeting experience so that it meets your business requirements. You configure the Live Experience meeting experience using the Live Experience Admin Console:

  • Configure the Meeting engagement scenario: the Meeting engagement scenario is just like other engagement scenarios. You select the available channels for the associate and the customer, and you specify the channel upgrade options and features. For example, you can configure Live Experience meetings to be an audio-only calls, or to start as audio calls, with upgrade options to video and screen sharing, or you can configure Live Experience meetings to start as a two-way video calls.

    See Manage Engagement Scenarios.

  • Configure the appearance of the meeting application: you have complete control over the branding of the meeting application. You can upload a logo, choose corporate colors, and customize or localize the text strings and labels.

    See Customize the Appearance of Live Experience and Customize and Localize the Messages and Text in Live Experience.

Another configuration option for you is to add meeting support to your existing Live-Experience enabled mobile app. This is a task for an app developer. You might want to do this because you want to keep your customers inside your app as much as possible.

If you want your customer to connect using your Live Experience-enabled Android or iOS app, you'll need to provide the meeting URL with a custom protocol (such as orcl). Because if you send the meeting using the https protocol, the meeting will automatically open in your customer's browser.

See Add Meeting Support to Your iOS App or Add Meeting Support to your Android App for more information.

Use Meetings to Upgrade Phone Calls, Emails, and SMS Conversations into Live Experience Engagements

One great and convenient way to use meetings is as an upgrade vehicle from non-Live Experience channels (like telephone, email, or SMS) into a Live Experience engagement so that you can leverage two-way audio, two-way video, or screen sharing features.

For example, imagine your company has a toll-free support number that customers call to get product support. Sometimes, it makes sense to switch to a video call so that you can see the product that the customer needs support with. So you direct the customer to a specific page on your website or mobile app that starts a Live Experience meeting. You tell your customer to tap on the Live Experience widget they see on the page to start the meeting.

Or again, imagine your company has a support form on your website or mobile app where your customers can create a support request. To support a customer, you might begin by exchanging email messages. But sometimes, it eventually makes sense to have a voice or video call with the customer to give them the best support experience possible. So you set up a scheduled Live Experience meeting and email the customer the meeting URL.

Create a Live Experience Meeting Using the Associate Desktop

You start or schedule a meeting using the Associate Desktop. Go to one of the following URLs to get started:


    or, for EMEA customers


To start a meeting immediately, click Create a new meeting. To schedule a meeting for a future date, click Create a new meeting link.

Next, invite participants to your meeting. Depending on how your Live Experience is set up by your administrators, you can invite participants to your meetings using one or more of the following options:

  • By sending your customer an SMS, email, or calendar event with a pregenerated meeting link.

  • By directing your customer to a web page or mobile app that has a short-code enabled Live Experience application and requesting that your customer generate a short code.

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