Configure the PSTN Service

In some cases, it might be necessary for your customers to be able to call your associates directly. You can configure Oracle Live Experience to receive public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone calls and route them to Live Experience associates.

You can configure Live Experience with:

To configure the PSTN service:

  1. In the Admin Console navigation menu, select Application. From the dropdown menu, select an application, then select the PSTN tab.

    Just as an example for this procedure, the application name is demoApplication.

    Description of pstn_vendor.png follows
    Description of the illustration ''pstn_vendor.png''

  2. Select the PSTN vendor that provisions your company's phone numbers.

  3. Enter one or more of your company's phone numbers that you want answered and routed by Live Experience and click Save.

    Enter your phone numbers using the E.164 format. For example, enter a north-American phone number as +1nnnnnnnnnn, and enter an UK phone number as +44nnnnnnnnnn.

    The PSTN configuration is added to your application.

    Notice the PSTN tab identifies the configured PSTN vendor.

    Description of pstn_tatacom.png follows
    Description of the illustration ''pstn_tatacom.png''

You can also perform the following administrative actions:

  • Add or remove phone numbers that can be answered by Live Experience.

  • Remove the vendor configuration. You can remove all the configuration for a PSTN vendor on an application. Click Remove Vendor Configuration at the bottom of the screen. This also disables the service and the PSTN tab returns to its preconfigured state.

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